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With a roster of passionate players driven by their love for the game, the team strives to excel in every match they play while embodying the spirit of sportsmanship and camaraderie


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Training Session

The training sessions for the AmeZam Tamanga Queens get dynamic and engaging, fostering a positive environment for skill development and team bonding. The Team Coach employs a well-rounded approach, focusing on technical drills, tactical awareness, and physical conditioning.

The girls show great enthusiasm and dedication throughout the sessions, demonstrating a strong desire to improve individually and as a team. The coach effectively tailors the training to suit the varying skill levels within the group, ensuring that each player received personalized attention and guidance.

Moreover, the emphasis on teamwork and communication is evident, with players supporting and encouraging one another both on and off the field. The training sessions not only enhance their football skills but also fosters a sense of unity among the players.

Overall, the AmeZam Tamanga Queens’ training sessions are well-organized, fun, and productive, setting a solid foundation for their continued growth and success in the sport.